Sunday, December 30, 2007


so.... i've been in cali for 2 months now. Seeing a naturopath. test results come back that I have completely normal insulin levels. We have no idea what is causing the hypoglycemia.

There seems to be some sort of allergy thing going on but we can't figure out what i'm allergic to. We are going to test for candida and other buggies soon. In addition we have learned that my adrenal glads are getting stressed. They have not reached "fatigue" status, but are getting close. My DHEA levels are really high. But everything else is normal.

My health insurance dropped me because i am no longer a student (had to take medical leave because the hypo and whatnot was too overwhelming to function at school). But I can't get health insurance now because I have a pre-exsisting medical condition that is unresolved. Makes all this really frustrating. Ended up in the ER right b4 my insurance dropped me because I have started to vomit/diarieah uncontrollably on a regular basis now. They released me after a full pyciatric review and a repremand that I need to grow up and deal with it. I'm trying to pay all my medical bills out of pocket. My parents can't/won't help me. I don't know what to do.