Saturday, October 9, 2010

Country livin'

I just spent well over 3 days making my lunch today, and it was amazing! German roast with root veggies marinated in a vinaigrette for 3 days, seared in clarified butter and simmered for 2 hours with whole garden fresh baby green beans and my own recipe for French onion soup made from homemade bone marrow broth from scratch. OMG yummmm. Country food is hearty, wholesome, soooo nutritious and soooooo good.

In a perfect world, I would have a salad and sandwich with fruit for lunch and soup and a hearty meal for dinner every day. My lunches would be more "raw" oriented while my dinners would be a cornucopia of international inspiration. I would have porridge with nuts and fruits, beans, eggs and the occasional pancake/waffle/French toast for breakfast and tea; a traditional English morning. Everything would be made from scratch. *sigh*.... i think the problem is that NO ONE cooks anymore, like really cooks food from scratch. That makes sharing ideas and finding whole ingredients so hard to find.

Someday I will be a good enough cook that I can make these foods and its part of my everyday life, not experimental. I realized last night that I don't eat enough calories. Often only 1000 a day. That is because I can't even find/cook myself enough food each day. It is so tiring to make things from scratch and more times than not they are too expensive or time consuming or just to complicated to make again (or make me sick). So, the hunt continues and the experimentation goes on.

In the mean time, I think I need to lay down. Onions raise your body temperature and I'm in a sweat and have a headache from putting sherry (which has yeast) in the soup...