Friday, June 24, 2011

My Diet

In the morning I have cream of rice with a bit of maple syrup, or dehydrated apple and pear (I use my dehydrator a lot) or pear and/or apple fruit rolls I make in the dehydrator (they turn into more of a fruit chip tho).

For lunch and dinner I have a bowl of white rice with lemon or lime juice, and either chicken, lamb, fish, buffalo, or venison. Or, I alternate with days of split pea soup. I have some green beans, frozen green peas, asparagus, butternut and acorn squash mixed together, or spinach with my meal. Sometime I make a bread like cracker out of rice flour and water which I bake, or have white rice pasta.

For snacks, I have rice cakes with peanut butter, iceberg lettuce (plain), a pear, a half an avocado, crackers (made from rice from the store), or make chicken nuggets or chicken patties. I make a salad dressing sometimes with avocado, lemon, and lime juice with a little salt and water. Sometimes I tolerate a few drops of orange juice or grapefruit juice for variety in my dressing (only on really good days!). I occasionally will eat some raw celery sticks too.

Currently I trying out different types of squashes, and working to expand my vegetable and grain options through trial and error. I'm also trying to find a way to tolerate fats again and find more portable, snack-like items. I'm making slow but steady progress. Most things are a resounding no when I try them. AND, seeing that for 2 weeks of the month I am miserable because I am literally allergic to myself (estrogen, uhg) and can't test new foods, it is a slow process. Its a race to find new foods as fast as I become sensitive to "safe" ones.

Ideally, I would get on a good exercise and self care program, do a thorough detox, get on testosterone, see a naturopath specialist, a specialist in autism, an acupuncturist, and a homeopath. If I did all that, I bet that I would be a LOT better off. *sigh* Its a goal I am working towards.....

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