Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun with Fruit

How many ways can you use apple and pears?

Puree apples and pears in a blender (with just enough water to make it go). Pour onto a flat try and place into a dehydrator. Place in the refrigerator for a few hours/days to make them easier to handle, otherwise they can be difficult to peel off the tray. Instant fruit roll snacks (actually they are more like fruit crackers)!

Eat apple and pears as is.

Applesauce. Pearsauce. Apple & pear sauce. (Cook chopped fruit and then mash and then cool)

Cook apples and/or pears with chicken or other protein.

Frozen fruit Popsicles. Cook down fruit into a puree and add sugar and lemon/lime (like you are making pie filling). Water down. Pour into icecube trays. Freeze.

Freeze pear slices for a quick snack.

Sorbet. Blend rice milk with frozen fruit and some sugar (opt.) until sorbet consistency.

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